The First Poster for the final Tinkerbell Movie ‘Legend of The Neverbeast’ (x)
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Disney Fairies:)

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Disney fairies hand-cut paper silhouettes.

To see more of my silhouette art, come visit me on Tumblr, Etsy, and Instagram!

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Hello everyone! 

I know I have been neglecting this blog a lot. First I was just ending school so had to get a lot of final essays done. Then I went to Florida to do an International College program at Disney World, and it was very hard to keep up with my main blog, let alone this one. Then I got home, and was not feeling very well when I did. I was missing my friends and Disney a lot. Then I got a new computer, and have been focusing on my main blog. 

Hopefully now that I have photoshop on my new computer, I’ll be able to get back on this blog again. I still have to transfer movies over from my old computer, but I do have Pirate Fairy on this one, so hopefully I’ll start making gifs and edits again! 

ALSO!!! I hit 1000 followers earlier this week! I am ever surprised when people follow this blog since it hasn’t been very active, so hopefully I’ll be able to live up to your expectations. 

Thank you for following me, and sticking around while I have been busy. 

If you want to follow my twitter (@shannbon) feel free! 

I have an instagram account too, which has a lot of my pictures from Disney (@shannon.cooper)

Updates Coming

I am going to be changing my theme tomorrow, this one is a little old. 

I’m also going to be going through the disney fairy tag, so be sure to tag any posts as “disney fairies”

I’m going to try and start a new tag for disney fairies, so then it will be easier to find out creations! So also start using the tag “pixiehollowedit” in the first five tags of any of your creations! 

I’m also thinking of making a Disney Fairy Challenge, would people be interested in that?

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Disney Fairies Challenge

[06] Outfits

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by Cutesiness

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Zarina’s pretty face appreciation post!

Silvermist | Fawn | Rosetta | Vidia

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Periwinkle from Disney’s Secret of the Wings

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